Oh ha ni!!!

Oh Ha-ni Edit

one who will get into an accident to make sure that her crush gets to his test safely is none other than Oh Han Ni.

Personality Edit

Oh Ha-ni is an outgoing and bold person. Although she is clumsy and can be pretty troublesome, she will still do anything to be with Baek Seung-Jo. Baek Seung Jo is the smartest teen in his high school with an IQ of a genius or 200. Thus making him attractive to many girls like Yoon He Ra,etc.Oh Ha-ni on the other hand is on the 90th placed student in the school the exact opposite of Seung Jo.She tried many ways to get to Baek Seung-Jo,She tried impressing him,sneaking up on him,She tried making him jealous,and many more ways all through out the season,but resulting to accepting each other and get married.

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